The Fruit Club

Of course, I’m always on the lookout for interesting ways to promote worksite wellness. One of the companies I work with has created a fruit club to promote less “vending machine” snacking. 

Here’s how it works:

  1. Every 4 weeks, members are asked to purchase approximate $10 worth of fruit and bring it to work.  By splitting all of the members over 4 weeks, you get multiple people bringing fruit every week.  For example, if you had 20 members, you would have 5 people scheduled for each week.  The goal is to provide approximately 1 serving of fruit per person per day.
  2. A large bowl is available (next to the vending machine) for the fruit.
  3. Members can then grab fruit snacks throughout the week.

And we provided the following guidelines to help get things started:

  1. Try to get something that can provide 15-20 servings.
  2. Wash the fruit if necessary (apples-yes, bananas-no)
  3. Practical fruit selections – something that can be out all day and is easy to grab and eat – (Oranges – great, Avocados – not so much)
  4. Seasonal – It never hurts to grab a great deal on seasonal produce!
  5. Portions – if you want to bring something that spoils quickly (blueberries, for example), consider several packages that could be refrigerated and placed out separately.
  6. The fruit bowl will be labeled, but it would be a good idea to label any extra/refrigerated items as well.
  7. Remember, it’s your week to provide fruit – and then you get three weeks off – so a little effort will go a long ways.

Of course, depending on your situation, you may have to adjust the program to suit your needs.  We were fortunate enough to have someone who volunteered to keep track of members and schedule fruit weeks. (Special thanks go out to that person if she’s reading!)

And, thanks to that organization, I’m happy to report that the fruit club has been active in that office for almost 6 months without any major problems.

Be Well!



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