Hello, World!

When I created this blog, I deleted the introductory “Hello, World!” post that the system creates for you. My plan was to jump right in and solve the problems of the world. Maybe not all of them – it was a Tuesday, after all – but enough of them that I could put off posting again until next week and not feel like the world would be angry. It was all so simple…

…until I looked at how much we have to solve. Everything I thought to talk about really only makes sense in some sort of context. And that context makes all the difference in the validity of the discussions. So I decided it best to give a simple introduction to my vantage point. If nothing else, it will give me a way to defend my thoughts.

I’ll start by saying that I have never run a wellness program. I have worked, for the past five years, on software that supports wellness programs. I have been the observer. I have watched, questioned, supported and analyzed dozens of programs. I’ve seen the frustrations of wellness program managers; first in getting management support and then in getting employee support. I’ve seen programs succeed, and I’ve seen them fail. I’ve even chipped in my few ideas here and there (and some of them actually worked). But – I’ve not actually had my butt on the line when it comes to making the program work. So take my cavalier ideas for what they are worth – musings of someone who has observed.


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